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  • Taylor Pagano, ND

The Healing Journey

The healing journey is a lifelong one.. ⁣

It’s more of a path, a direction, a sequence of revelations ⁣

The healing journey is where YOU and YOUR life become the medicine ⁣

It’s a realization that the continuous unfolding, learning, becoming, and unbecoming is not intended to get to some destination.⁣

But it is to be lived.. ⁣

It is the path back home to yourself, your heart, your truth, your wholeness. ⁣

Health doesn’t come from a pill, a 10 day detox, nor a magic potion.. health and wellbeing are dynamic processes that require care and maintenance. They are evolving, never at a stand still.. they keep going and thus is the healing journey. ⁣

There are layers of noise and static that get coated on pretty thick from the time we are born. Most of us have grown up in a culture and society that has conditioned us to move, eat, think, feel and BE a certain way.. THEIR way.. ⁣

Much of healing I find is unraveling these programs and subconscious ways of being.. to get real with yourself.. to find out what is best for you. ⁣

What makes your body feel good? How does it like to move? ⁣

What kind of thoughts and beliefs are true for you? ⁣

What do you want to think and believe? ⁣

How do you actually feel? And How do you want to feel? ⁣

How do you want to show up and be in the world? ⁣

… Not because you think you have to, were told to, were taught to, not because it’s expected and accepted.. but because it’s authentic to YOU. ⁣

AND remembering all of this can and most likely will change.. because as your move through life and have new experiences.. breakdowns and breakthroughs.. you change and evolve. ⁣

Again, healing is a process.. new layers are exposed, old pains and habits resurface, new truths are realized and revisited along the way. Your needs, feelings, and desires will shift.. but at the core of it, it is all leading you back home to YOU. ⁣


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