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  • Taylor Pagano, ND

The deep wisdom of your body

Your body is wise, your body holds truths you may not be conscious of, your body is a store house.. a memory keeper of all your experiences. ⁣

Your body is constantly giving you feedback and speaking to you. Sometimes it comes in whispers, gentle nudges or even screams. ⁣

Our bodies are constantly talking to us through sensations and symptoms. ⁣

Our sensations bring our attention to the body, it's how we know that something is ‘off’ and allows us to get curious about what the cause is and how to remedy it. ⁣

I find most often we are not even present or ‘IN’ our bodies. You know what I mean.. we spend so much time in our mind and emotions. ⁣

We are constantly looping thoughts and over analyzing or we are just so overwhelmed by all the chaos and noise of the world we feel anxious, fearful or even panic. Other times we have histories of trauma where it was not comfortable or safe to be in our bodies**. We disassociate, disconnect and are often 'somewhere else’. ⁣

In these states.. we are not IN our bodies. ⁣

Bringing our awareness to our body through mindfulness and grounding practices that bring us to the present moment can help us begin to better understand the bodies language and what it needs. ⁣

When we are unaware or ignore the bodies messages there are a few things that can happen.. ⁣

Either the messages get louder.. worsening symptoms and more discomfort ⁣

OR ⁣

When ignored long enough the body will get tired and stop talking to you.. at least thats what you think.. Typically it takes another avenue to get your attention (mental, emotional, spiritual)⁣

When we drop in and learn the language of the body we understand ourselves better and can more easily navigate our healing. ⁣


A practice to get grounded and increase body awareness: ⁣

Try going out side and placing your bare feet on the earth. Take 5 deep breaths, visualize that breath moving all the way down to your feet. Bringing your attention to your feet, notice what they feel like on the grass, dirt or sand. Notice if you feel more weight in the right or left, and see if you can find a balanced mid point. When you feel balanced, take 5 more deep breaths. ⁣

Let me know what you notice!

**If you have a complex history of trauma, working with an informed professional is important to the healing process and feeling safe in the body. ⁣

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