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Image by Aditya Saxena


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The Energetic Evolution of You is a quantum, holistic journey of self discovery and self healing. A soul journey to dive deep into the subtle workings of your internal Be-ing. To heal from the roots of dis-ease, we must go back to the beginning. This program is created to explore your multidimensional self and the underlying imbalances that lead to dysfunction and dis-ease. This means addressing all aspects of you; including the physical, mental, emotional, energetic and spiritual facets.

When I say we must go back to the beginning, I really mean it! The very beginning. This journey and methodology is developed to take you back through the developmental stages of your brain and each organ system to heal energetic imbalances and reprogram the subconscious mind based on the foundational teachings of bioregulatory medicine.

Pulling from my education, training and practice of Naturopathic Medicine, Biotherapeutic Drainage & Bioregulatory Medicine in addition to a number of energy medicine modalities in the forms of Chinese Medicine and acupuncture, reiki, gemstone energy medicine, craniosacral therapy, kundalini yoga, and meditation. This system is created to holistically heal by reharmonizing the mind, body, emotions, and spirit through the stages of maturation and development of the endocrine and nervous system. 

Energetic Evolution of You was created to help you develop the internal resources and skills to connect with your body and align with the rhythms of nature for the purposes of healing and inner transformation. This journey is meant to bring you and your life back into balance. It reconnects you to your heart and empowers you to discover your own truth, clear old emotional wounds, and subconscious patterns so that you can heal and create from a place of authenticity and alignment. It exists as a guide for your journey home to yourself, to reconnect to your inner wisdom, and awaken to the limitless possibility of YOU!

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