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  • Taylor Pagano, ND

Healing is Collaborative

All healing is self-healing.. no one can heal you, but YOU! ⁣

This is great news because.. YOU are the expert in YOU! ⁣

You intuitively know when something feels off, regardless of whether conventional methods can find the cause or not..  ⁣

Your unique experience of yourself, your body, and your history are of equal importance to what science and medicine have validated in the literature.  ⁣

One of the principles of naturopathic medicine is docere or doctor as teacher.  ⁣

My holistic approach is centered around YOU..teaching and guiding you to understand the language of the body, to get back in touch with your intuitive knowing, and how to heal yourself.  ⁣

Together, with my medical knowledge and experience and your self knowledge, we find the underlying causes, remove the blocks to your innate healing force, and liberate your highest potential for wellness.  ⁣


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