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  • Taylor Pagano, ND


Updated: Dec 2, 2019


Who am I? ⁣

A question I have asked myself over and over again for years..⁣

I am pretty sure there isn’t a single answer to that question, but I do think there is a better question to ask ourselves..⁣

What am I? ⁣

This question creates the reality where another dimension exists..⁣

We can answer the question 'who am I' with loads of conditioning and context based on what we have learned and identities we have accepted from our families, education, society, careers, and more.. ⁣

When you drop all of those identities and labels, what is left?⁣

When all that has been placed upon you, all you learned to believe about yourself melts away.. then what? ⁣

Who is there now? ⁣

Hmm. ⁣

The dimension of soul. ⁣

Soul.. that is what I am. ⁣

And from that place of soul, in complete and total alignment with your personal truth. Connected to your most authentic, innate, incarnate essence.. can you redefine Who you are. ⁣

So I am Taylor Pagano. A soul first and foremost. My personal journey has been mostly this. Repeated attempts to reach my heart (soul space) from my head.. there is truth in the cliche.. the longest journey is that between your head and your heart! Leaning inwards towards self discovery each day to understand more about how I show up and why I show up that way. Unlearning the things that do not serve me and breaking my heart open over and over again until I can stay there. Listening fully, feeing deeply and learning to trust myself. ⁣

I am too a Naturopathic Doctor. I went to a four year medical college and completed two years of residency. I have continued to study the most modern medical science, but I am most drawn to the art of medicine from the ancient wisdom traditions and the medicine that accounts for your innate vitality and multidimensionality. ⁣(which is beginning to be validated by quantum physics) 

Don’t get me wrong, our physical bodies need physical support. Foundational to life and wellness is our need for clean water, real food, movement, sunlight, rest and connection. But what about the other parts of your being? The mental, emotional, spiritual bodies and of course your soul. I am most drawn to the work in these dimensions because of the profound down stream effects they have on the physical body and our overall sense of wellness. They have also been the biggest obstacles in my own healing as well as what I have seen over and over again in my years of practice. ⁣

So Who Am I? What Am I? ⁣

I am a soul, a way shower, a healer, a co-creator, a friend, and I am here to see you, hear you and empower you to discover your own soul, your own medicine, and your own power. I am here to help you remember and reconnect to yourself and to the earth. I am here to spread more love in a world that desperately needs it. I am a fellow journeyer on the endless path of truth seeking, self mastery, wisdom and the expansion of consciousness. ⁣

I am here, to become, just like you ❤️⁣

“We are all just walking each other home”

 - Ram Dass

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