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It is my passion to offer guidance and support on your journey of self discovery and transformation.

It is my greatest hope that this work can nurture soul embodiment into the human experience. As spiritual beings on this planet, I believe it is our responsibility to explore and embody our divine nature. In doing so, we get back in touch with our hearts and lead more meaningful and purposeful lives. 

Ultimately, healing means wholeness. We are innately whole and often the world at large causes us to forget our true nature. Optimizing health and wellbeing comes from within you. By reconnecting with nature and removing the blocks to your innate healing force, you liberate your highest potential for wellness.

Intuitively guided with a foundation in science we walk the path together to embody wholeness.

With deep trust in the body's innate wisdom and ability to heal itself, the space is created for you to do just that. 

We use the laws of nature and the universe to cultivate self healing through self discovery, self love and soul embodiment. 

I believe we create our reality. In learning to listen to your heart center and connecting with your most authentic self you can create a life full of magic and possibility. A life you absolutely love. Soul embodiment honors your unique essence and brings that richness into every aspect of your life. 

This is your epic souls journey. There is no destination, it is the evolution of you! 

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What can I say? It is a true privilege to be a client of Dr. Pagano! It’s difficult to summarize/capture my experience working with her as we covered so much ground - far more than I was ever expecting. She was always prepared to listen intently, ask insightful questions and work together with me on a plan to improve any of my health and wellness concerns. With her help I was able to overcome insomnia that had plagued me for a decade, improve my digestion and energy, and as a result greatly improve my mood and anxiety. All of this with simple lifestyle changes, herbal and homeopathic support, and nutrition advice. The beautiful thing about these methods, unlike my experience with a traditional MD, was that there were no side effects (or rather only positive ones!). I feel like I now have an arsenal of defenses when health challenges arise, it has truly been an education! I only wish everyone had the opportunity to receive this kind of care, I’m ever so grateful to her!

Emily Satterwhite

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"For small creatures such as we the vastness is bearable only through love."

Carl Sagan

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