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  • Taylor Pagano, ND

What is Healing?

Healing to me, means wholeness.  ⁣

It is a journey of self-discovery, self-acceptance, self-love and remembering your wholeness.  ⁣

It is a path of reconnecting to your true self.  ⁣

It is a return to nature, both in your connection to the earth (mother nature) and your soul (inner nature).  ⁣

It is an intimate return to authenticity and self trust.  ⁣

This coming home to Self is your birthright. To know and love yourself and live from that place is a beautiful freedom. ⁣

Healing is a reclamation of your personal power, your voice and your ability to be a clear channel for positive impact in your life.  ⁣

It is a way of uncovering your innate gifts, the unearthing of the unique gem within your heart, the medicine only you have to offer the world and humanity.  ⁣

Healing is wholeness.. which means the path is a holistic one. One that incorporates and integrates all of you. Mind, Body, Spirit, Soul, Emotions.  ⁣

The way we get to the healing path is different for everyone. For most of those I work with it begins with symptoms, the body is telling them something has gone awry. They are tired, burnt out, overwhelmed, stressed, anxious, their hormones are a mess AND they know there is more to the story.  ⁣

The path of healing is not linear, nor necessarily easy, but it is worth every step to be in deep communion with yourself and spirit.  ⁣

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