Join me for a 3 week Fall Cleanse designed to bring more balance into your body, mind and spirit with the change of seasons! 

Autumn is an excellent time for cleansing and rejuvenation! 

It's a time where we can align ourselves with the rhythms of nature and the natural transition between the seasons, moving from the longer, hot days of summer into the shorter, cold days of winter. The energetic and active energies of summer are winding down and the fall and winter invite us to turn inward. It is a time to pause and slow down and listen to what our body needs. 

Your body has an innate intelligence. It is processing all sorts of inputs and ‘detoxing’ daily! It does its best to eliminate what is harmful and keep what is helpful. Unfortunately, we are inundated with stressors and toxins in our modern world.. from environmental toxins, processed foods, excess screen time, unresolved emotions and psychological stress.

Because of this, it can be a challenge to digest it all and we accumulate toxicity over time. Taking time to cleanse gives the body a break. It slows down the onslaught of toxins so that we can rest and repair, giving the body space to do some deep cleaning and clearing. 

This cleanse is not just physical, yes we will follow a simplified diet, but this cleanse will also focus on all of our senses and our digestion of not only food, but our thoughts, emotions, and the world around us. 

During the cleanse we eliminate toxins and build up that has accumulated over the summer months of fun, play and maybe extra indulgence. This cleanse will help to support and prepare the body for more resilience and wellness throughout the fall & winter.


When: Thursday September 23rd - Thursday October 14th

Investment: $44 to join the group!

There is an additional cost if you would like to add a supportive homeopathic/herbal supplement & tea bundle ($110) 

Castor oil pack supplies ($20.50)

The cleanse consists of:

  • 4 live Zoom gatherings to discuss topics of detox and cleansing, share experiences, and answer questions. (all Zooms will be recorded for those who can't attend live)

  • Private Facebook group for community sharing, accountability and support.

  • Simplified lifestyle and dietary education, suggestions and guidance to support the body's natural detoxification pathways. 

  • An optional herbal support bundle that includes: Liver/Digestive Support, Liver Cleansing Tea, Calming Herbal Support (referenced above) 

  • A weekly guided 10-20 minutes morning breathwork/meditation/yoga sessions (will be streamed & recorded into Facebook group)